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Western Australian Positive Behaviour Support (WAPBS)

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What is WAPBS?

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a process for creating a safer and more effective school. It is a framework comprised of effective
practices, interventions, and systems change strategies for establishing the social culture, learning and teaching environment, and individual behaviour supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students. PBS is for all students, all staff and all settings in the school. 

How does WAPBS provide support for all students?


PBS methods are research-based, proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviours in schools and are supported by a three-tiered model.

The table to the left illustrates the continuum of support for PBS and its academic counterpart. The three tiered model organises practices and systems along a continuum of increasing intensity and/or complexity.

What are the outcomes of WAPBS?

Students know what is expected of them and choose to do so because they:

  • Know what to do

  • Have the skills to do it

  • See the natural benefits for acting responsibly

Adults and students have more time to:

  • Focus on relationships

  • Focus on classroom instruction

There is an instructional approach to discipline: Instances of problem behaviour are opportunities to learn and practice pro-social behaviour.

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WAPBS Team Purpose Statement

At Goomalling Primary School our WAPBS vision is to build a community of students, with high expectations who strive for personal excellence in a safe learning environment. We are an integral part of the wider Goomalling community, supporting students to become purposeful global citizens who are resilient and respectful in the face of challenges.

How You Can Help

Re-enforce the school expectations and model the behaviours on our school matrix. Please contact us if you would like to nominate to join the school WAPBS team. 

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