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About Goomalling

Goomalling is a nice place to live, bring up children, and work or run a business. Some great things about Goomalling (in addition to our lovely school!) include:

Rich Indigenous History

Goomalling is a Noongar word meaning 'place of possums' You can read about Goomalling's Aboriginal history at the Shire Website

Health services and facilities
Goomalling has an excellent hospital, doctor, dentist, gym, pool and other health facilities and services.

People in Goomalling are friendly. There are plenty of recreational groups and facilities including an 18-hole golf course, plus opportunities to keep yourself busy, make friends and give back through volunteering

Goomalling's cafe is well known for its great coffee and food, and there are a wide range of Goomalling businesses.

Emergency services
Goomalling has a local police station, volunteer ambulance service and fire brigade and other emergency services.

Education and training
Our Community Resource Centre includes a library, teleconferencing and office facilities and services. The CRC provides an exam supervision service for tertiary students. There are bus runs to nearby high schools.

Proximity and travel
Goomalling is only:

  • 132km from Perth,

  • 45km from Northam,

  • 50km from Toodyay,

  • 25km from Dowerin.

TransWA coaches travel regularly through Goomalling.

Within the Goomalling townsite you can walk to every place you need: school, shops, pool, sports grounds, the bank, the post office and more.

School buses run within the Shire of Goomalling and to Northam.

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