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Useful Links

Connect - Support

There are two documents available to assist you with setting up and using Connect

1. Quick Guide for Parents

2. Step by Step Guide for Parents

Mental Health Support/Resources

Below are some useful resources in accessing support for student mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Crisis Care: 1800 199 008  (13 11 14 - 24 hour line) (04077 13 11 14 - text)

    • Crisis Care provides Western Australia's after-hours response to reported concerns for a child's safety and wellbeing and information and referrals for people experiencing crisis.

    • You can contact Crisis Care if you are concerned about the wellbeing of a child, are escaping domestic violence and need help or are experiencing homelessness.

Growth & Development Resources for Carers

Talk Soon, Talk Often is a useful website with advice for parents and caregivers on how to talk to their children about growth & development and healthy relationships. Topics include 0-18 year old age categories and stages of development; how to answer curly questions in age appropriate ways; preventing child abuse; family values; respectful relationships; puberty; social media; consent and other issues prevalent to developing young people.

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