Information for families

For enrolments, please see How to enrol.

If your child is or will be absent from school, please contact us and let us know.

School uniforms
School uniforms are compulsory. You can buy second hand uniforms at the school and/or order new ones using the school uniform order form

School buses
There are four school buses that children can ride to school if they live outside of town. Please contact us for details.

Lunch orders
You can use this lunch order menu / form to order lunch each Monday. Put the order form and money in an envelope and your child can drop it in the box outside the school office before school. The canteen is run by the P&C as a fundraiser. The profits have made the biannual school camp cheaper for families. For example, in 2020 the P&C donated $8,000 towards the school camp, reducing the cost to families by hundreds of dollars for each child. Everyone is welcome to volunteer in the canteen - please contact the P&C canteen coordinator for details.

Waste free Wednesdays
We encourage a zero waste lunch day on Wednesdays (and any other day you like!).  A zero waste lunch contains no throwaway packaging (but banana and citrus peels are OK!). The typical zero waste lunch is packed in a lunch box or bag. The food is put in reusable containers rather than wrapped in disposable packaging. A drink is in a refillable bottle. All containers are resealable so that leftover food and drink can be saved for later (or fed to chickens or composted at home).  By bringing less packaging to school we can minimise litter, create less waste and save money. Plus, if you make it a healthy zero waste lunch you’ll help develop healthy eating habits.

About our school
See the About our school section to find out about our staff; students; facilities; events; our school community including the P&C, school council and sustainabiilty committee; history; Goomalling and learn the words to our school song.