Every day matters

Regular attendance at school is vital to ensuring children receive a good education that gives them the best opportunities for future success. All school-aged children must go to and attend school every day - this is the law.

Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important so children do not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning. Learning is cumulative. If children miss a day, it is harder for them to catch up because each day's learning builds on the previous day. It is also important to take family holidays during school holidays and not during term. If your child is unwell and unable to go to school, please let the school know as soon as possible.

Current research points to a strong link between regular and consistent attendance patterns established in the early years of schooling and those patterns continuing throughout a student’s career. See below for some sobering facts.

  • A child with 90% attendance (regular) misses: 1 day a fortnight, 1 week a term, 4 weeks a school year, 1 year by the end of year 9.
  • A child with 80% attendance (low risk) misses: 1 day a week, 2 weeks a term, 8 weeks a year, 1 school year by the end of year 4 and 2 school years by the end of year 8.
  • A child with 60% attendance (moderate risk) misses: 2 days a week, 4 weeks a term, 16 weeks a school year, 1 year by the end of semester 1 year 3, 2 years by the end of year 5, 3 years by the end of semester one year 8.